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Los Angeles illustrators, graphic designers, and other fine artists have donated a large portion of their time to design “I Art LA” t-shirts in their own, very unique styles. Not only does buying a shirt raise much needed money for The Center : South LA, they’re also an inspiration to future participates of The Center : South LA, and show that art can be many things and demonstrated in many ways.


The Center : South LA will be an Arts Center in South Los Angeles. We will offer a variety of creative classes in traditional and non-traditional Dance, Theatre Drawing/Painting, Music and Arts & Crafts.

We will always strive to offer interesting classes and event in the arts with a lean to the more “non-traditional” form in that category. Our goal is for art to be accessible to everyone.

The Center will be a catalyst for revitalization, development and community connection in the South Los Angeles by serving as a central place for classes, performances, various group meetings and exhibitions.


Art should be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to inspire and educate young people in the community through unique classes in the arts. As well as share our passion in the various art fields through performances. We are a place to learn and connect. Growing our community.